Moving to the ESV

ByAndrew Roycroft

Moving to the ESV

As Christians living in the English speaking world we ought to give thanks for the quantity and quality of Bible translations available to us. We are mindful of those who as yet don’t have the whole Bible in their own language, and thankful for the heritage of Bible translation that is part of the landscape of western evangelicalism.

For his preaching ministry Pastor Roycroft has recently changed from the NIV1984 to the English Standard Version (ESV). Below are some resources which help to explain the reasoning behind this change, as well as commending the ESV for it’s literal approach to translation:

This link points to Kevin De Young’s little booklet which outlines his reasons for moving to the ESV for Bible ministry.

The video linked here gives a commendation of the ESV as a trusted translation of God’s Word.

We continue to look to God to attend the reading and proclamation of His Word with the power of His Holy Spirit, and to speak His infallible truth into our souls.

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