Pastors and Elders

Elders look after the spiritual needs of the local church, ministering God’s Word, visiting members of the fellowship, and providing biblical leadership and counselling to all who are in need.

Millisle Baptist currently has an eldership team consisting of three individuals: Stuart Burnham, Don Coulter, and Andrew Roycroft.


Andrew is our Pastor, and provides Bible teaching, leads the church in partnership with the eldership team, as well as engaging in pastoral visitation and one-to-one discipleship. A graduate of the Irish Baptist College, Andrew has previously served as Assistant Pastor in Newtownards Baptist (2000-2002), Pastor of Armagh Baptist (2002-2007), and with Baptist Missions (2008-2010). He is married to Carolyn and they have two daughters. Andrew’s interests include spending time with his family, reading, music, running, hill-walking and cycling. Andrew can be followed on twitter @andrew-roycroft